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We don't really want to bore you with message after message....
and with all of the short Thank You Notes we get on a daily basis,

but we felt it is important
to put a few of them up for you to see,

especially if you are a first time visitor to our site.

Hopefully some of these comments, in addition to our sales staff,
will give you confidence,
 that we are a supplier that you can depend on.

e love the Cart you sent us.
Best we have ever used"

Received on 6/11/18 from a  
Countertop Fabricator in Indiana

I j
ust wanted to say Thank You
for processing my Order so quickly. 
It was just delivered."

Received on 11/15/18 from a   
Commercial End-User in New York

"Great Customer Service, Thanks !! "
Received on 1/14/19 from an
Industrial Facility Purchasing Agent
in Wisconsin

"We appreciate doing business
with a company
that is as efficient as you are,
it is always a pleasure."

Received on 2/15/19 from an
Manufacturing Firm's Purchasing Agent in New York


Gary,   Your a good man! I want to thank you for all of your troubles.
Your company will be our source for sure.

Thanks again for your help,   JI  Hutto, TX

WOW you guys are great.  That's why I keep purchasing from you.

Thank you.

MN   Fort Lauderdale,  FL 


Thank you! 
  My pump arrived yesterday. That was very fast. And it was extremely well packed !!

  DS   Union, NJ


Made in USA, yes sir!  My Shop Cart has a new home & I promise to take good care of it!!!!
  Thank you, and keep that USA product com'n our way.

  CA    Phila., PA



   You're a breathe of fresh air. 
A company that has people that know their products and are able to offer real help.

   Even the extra effort you put into your packaging to insure it arrives in perfect condition
is appreciated more than you may know.

Impressive operation!!  Will definitely be calling you again.  Thank you!!!

   FH    Miami Gardens, FL



  Please let me take this opportunity to thank you for your outstanding service. 
  I ordered in the evening of May 2,
got a confirmation of the order on the morning of May 3 and received the item on May 4. 

  It gives me great confidence to utilize your company
and I intend to apprise anyone with whom I do business
 to take advantage of your services
and place their orders for products carried by Industromart with you.

  MS   Scarsdale, NY



  To The Entire Little-Giant Pump Team (Sales, Customer Service, Warehousing, etc.)
at, Division of ZAENTZ,


  Today, I finally picked up my pump at UPS customer center.
Thanks for your help, this pump is the model that I need.

  WH    Aiea, HI



  Thanks so much for the information.
  You certainly went above and beyond for service.

  RB    Anchorage, AK



  Thank you for your quick response to our request.
  It is refreshing to be working with a company with such a customer satisfaction policy.
  That is how we run our company also.
  We will be ordering anything that we need that you supply in the future.
  Again, thank you for your attention to detail. 

  J.L.H.  Helena, Montana



  Thanks Gary.  I really appreciate the extra mile you go for your customers. 
  That's the type of service that is not forgotten and will be talked about on my part.
  This information is quite satisfactory to me.  I will forward to my Finance people.

  K.M.  Oakland, MD



  Hi Gary
  Not sure if you remember me -
  I ordered what I thought would be a Rubbermaid cart
which you clarified as the Whirlaway for me...

  I just wanted to follow up on my husband's reaction after having used it a few weeks. 
  He says he's VERY happy with it and actually feels it may be better than the Rubbermaid
  one he had previously.

  So thank you, I knew with your Customer service as good as it is,
  the quality of the product would be equally excellent.
  Thank you again    J.M.  Traverse City, MI



ank you for all your help and if we need anything else
  I will definitely call you again.

  F.W.  Albany, NY




  Thanks. It's been a pleasure working with you.

  J.H.  Columbia, SC


We try to do things right.

We are not a retail internet company,
that has inexperienced, Toll-Free 800 Operators handling your inquiry,

who nothing about their product, except what it says on it's web page....

We are a Distribution Center,
with experienced, knowledgeable & responsive
Customer Service representatives,
that in most cases,
 can give you on the spot Product information,
or will provide you with a formal written reply or quotation quickly.

Whether an Order is LARGE or small,
they are all treated equally, and we follow-up on each one,
 until it is in your hands.

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