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If you are a Drywall Contractor that is directly involved in the transportion of,
the manufacturing of or the installation of sheet and panel material
then our Carts are for you.

They have fully welded, powder coated frames,
and they include a bolt and nut wheel attachment,
that allows for trouble free future wheel replacement.

Other brands use a threaded welded stud, that if over-torqued, will snap or shear off,
which takes the Cart of service for an extended period of time, until it is re-welded.

Our Carts have side bumper handles which offer added protection,
and allows the Cart to be easily transported from job to job.

We also offer Models with our exclusive optional
"Load Retention Kicker Clips",
for those contractors that move large loads of
"drywall or lightweight sheet panel material".

These front mounted
Kicker Clips provide added assistance in keeping the load in place,
while being moved or stored.

Smart design, Durable design, Professional Design for the Commercial User.

Why are our Wallboard Carts
& Shop Carts the Best?

Made in USA
with American-Made Steel

    Real 3,000 lb. Capacity

    Fully Welded Frame

X-Wide 13" Deck

Powder-Coated Finish

Non-Marking 8" Poly Casters
Highest Quality Industrial Series & Design
allows this Cart to be a True 3,000lb. Capacity Model

Bolt & Nut Caster Attachment
for easy wheel replacement

(No Studs that can snap or strip)

Bumper / Handles on 13" Wide Deck Model
on each side of the Deck
for added protection
easy loading & unloading of the empty Cart,
when transporting to & from a job.

43 3/4" Long Deck

Overall  49" Long
(with Side Bumper/Handles)

24" Deep x 47" High

Designed & Engineered
for the
Contractor that demands the Best

8" Non-Marking Premium Hi-Tech Poly

Both our Wheels and our Frame
are each rated 3,000 lbs.
independant of one another
making our Cart
True 3,000 lb. rated Model*

other brands advertise*
only their frame capacity,
and use Caster Wheels
that are not equally rated to the frame.

Be careful if comparing....


X-Wide 13" Deck
Fully Welded / 3,000 lb. Cap.

your choice:

with All Swivel Wheels


Model CANIS-60 
with 2 Swivel & 2 Rigid Wheels

Designed for Drywall Contractors
 & General Contractors

looking for a smartly designed,
superior product, that will last.


your choice of Model
Direct Dealer Costs

1 - 11 pcs    $259.99 each

  12+ pcs    $249.99 each

+ Shipping

Published Re-Sale Price $421.20

Material Kickers
on the below Models
are mounted on front edge
& assist in load retention
of light weight material.

for Drywall & Lightweight Material only

X-Wide 13" Deck
Fully Welded / 3,000 lb. Cap.

Model CANIS-52 
with All Swivel Wheels


Model CANIS-62 
with 2 Swivel & 2 Rigid Wheels

Designed for Drywall Contractors
looking for a Deck
with added product load retention.


your choice of Model
Direct Dealer Costs

1 - 11 pcs    $259.99 each

  12+ pcs    $249.99 each

+ Shipping

Published Re-Sale Price $421.20

Other Made in USA CANIS Models:

Other International Models:
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Best High Capacity
Multi-Purpose Cart / Dolly on the Market

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Don't be Fooled by the
"Erector Set Style, Bolted Body Carts" 


These TOYS come in all
Colors, so be very careful....
Pictures can be very deceiving!!!

Products for the Professional
where Quality is the #1 Priority

Serving Industry for close to 100 years

" Professionals that need a Cart, always call Industromart "

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