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Our wide selection of Uniquely Designed
Gypsum, Sheetrock & Wallboard Carts
are ideal for both Shop use & Job-site use.

No reason to settle here,
for our Models incorporate the highest quality design features
that contractors, fabricators and installers seek at a low price.

High Capacity Frames & Wheels
and a Powder-Coated Finish
are standard features on our International Models.

Drywall Cart
Welded Frame

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Drywall Cart MT-3
Removable Posts
& "H" Frame

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XL 13" Deck
Premium Contractor CANIS Drywall Carts
for sheetrock, stone, flooring, wood
& more


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XXL 19" Deck
Premium Wide Body
Drywall Carts
& Fabricator Shop Carts

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Don't be Fooled by the TOYS !!

Beware of the
cheaply-made Bolted Body Erector Set Models,
that most retailers sell :

They come in all Colors, so be very careful....

Pictures can be very deceiving!!!

Our premium grade Drywall and Industrial Carts
are designed & manufactured
to the highest quality standards,
for the professional user.

Our Carts are

Serving Industry for close to 100 years

" Professionals that need a Cart, always call Industromart "


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