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Galvanized Pallet Truck

for Commercial Plants, Farm use,
Marine Environments,

or any Wet Area

An economical option
to a Stainless Steel Model

Heavy-Duty Construction

4,400 lb. Capacity

6 1/4" wide Forks

7" Mold-on Polyurethane
Steering Wheels

3" Mold-on Polyurethane
Load Wheels

of the cheaply made Models
found in the Retail Catalogs

Our Models are






27" Wide x 48" Long

4,400 lb. Capacity

Dealer Special 

Published Re-sale Price

Standard Model Series

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36", 42" & 48" 
Fork Lengths available

18", 21", 27" 
Truck Widths available

for Narrow Aisles, Small Pallets
for normal everyday
Truck & Warehouse use

Special Application Model

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58", 70" & 78" 
Extra-Long Fork Lengths

for Extra-Long Pallets
Oversized Equipment
that needs to be moved...

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