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Our Made in USA
A-Frame Trucks, Sheet and Panel Trucks, Lumber Trucks and Panel Movers,
are all premium quality products, that the import copies cannot compare with. 

Each Cart is enginered & designed specifically with the features that the contractor
and the commercial user prefers, beginning with the welded powder coated frame,
on to the welded or removeable handles and ending with the wheels.

No short-cuts are taken in the manufacturing of these transportation tools
and we are proud to supply them to you.



Made in USA Model

A-Frame Cart 
Double-sided Deck


Large 30" x 48" Deck  Fully Welded Frame

up to 3,200 lb. Capacity Models

Heaviest Duty A-Frame on Market



A-Frame Trucks
All Sizes
Standard Design

A-Frame Trucks
All Sizes
with Storage Shelves

A-Frame Truck
with Folding Shelf


Lumber Trucks
2,000 lb. Cap.
Perforated Deck
Lumber Trucks
3,600 lb. Cap.
Six Wheels
Panel Trucks
1,000 lb. Capacity 


Panel Trucks
2,000 lb. Capacity
Panel Trucks
3,600 lb. Capacity
Panel Trucks
3,600 lb. Capacity


Serving Industry for close to 100 years

" Professionals that need a Cart, always call Industromart "


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