To All of our  Customers & Friends....

Sometimes in life,
things occur that makes one pause.


We have been made aware of this little boy "Purnell",
 who is in desperate race for his life,
due to a very rare disease "Baby Alzheimer's",
and we ask that you take a minute to read his story,
and possibly help his family raise the funds they need for a new untested treatment,
to give him and future children,
 that are afflicted with this rare heartbreaking disease, a chance for survival.

The research into this disease is underfunded due to its rarity,
and presently their is no cure,
but this treatment offers "some hope", in the race that this little boy is in, against time.

We ask that all of us that are lucky enough to have healthy children,
those of us who have experienced the heartache of having a child with a disease or a handicap,
along with those that have experienced watching a parent, a family member or friend,
 suffer from "Alzheimer's",
to read this family's story,
and consider offering a little help to them.

The Article
Linked below was written a few months ago,
and since it was originally published,
the outpouring of help has come from people nationwide & worldwide,
which reminds us that humanity is alive and well throughout our country & the world.

Purnell and his family are very close to reaching the funds needed for this treatment,
and we are reaching out to all of our friends,
both new and old,
to consider helping them.

 Thank you from everyone here at  


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